percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube

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per·cu·ta·ne·ous en·do·scop·ic gas·tros·to·my tube

(PEG tube) (pĕr'kyū-tā'nē-ŭs en'dō-skop'ik gās-tros'tŏ-mē tūb)
Tube placed through the abdominal wall with the aid of an endoscope into the stomach. Used for feeding patients unable to swallow food.
Synonym(s): G-tube, gastrostomy tube.
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National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale assists in predicting the need for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube placement in acute ischemic stroke.
Between days 1 and 5, dysphagic patients were switched to oral medications or received their medications through a nasogastric or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube. Lisinopril is not approved for use as a sublingual preparation, Dr.
He was dependent on a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube. A fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing with sensory testing revealed pooling in the posterior glottis and pyriform sinuses with postswallow aspiration and evidence of outlet obstruction at the level of the cricopharyngeal segment.
Prophylactic percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube placement in treatment of head and neck cancer: a comprehensive review and call for evidence-based medicine.
Risk factors for infection include nursing home exposure; invasive devices, such as tracheostomy tubes or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes; immunocompromised status; and use of broad-spectrum antimicrobial drugs (1).
A prospective comparison of the use of nasogastric and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes for long-term enteral feeding in older people.

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