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But then came the meeting with Peter Hobbs, who had been working on a coffee percolator with another company.
The percolator was manufactured for Salton by Chiaphua Industries Ltd.
This leaves the residual botanical material to be discharged from the percolator.
Other coffeemakers included Melitta's One:One pod coffeemaker for $49, a French press from Bodum and Farberware percolators.
With continued sightings of smiley faces, bell bottoms and Fiestaware, why shouldn't percolators come back, too?
Appliance/TV/Electronics Stores (NAICS 44311): Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of electric and gas refrigerators, stoves, and other household appliances, such as electric irons, percolators, hot plates, and vacuum cleaners.
Cuisinart, a leader in culinary appliances, recently launched Coffee on Demand 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker and Classic Percolators.
Other firsts for the company's kitchen electrics lineup included two coffee percolators, a 5-cup and a 12-cup; a 1-quart ice cream maker; a smoothie maker with built-in stir-stick; a waffle cone maker; an electric wok; and a warming tray.
The Krups recall involves about 218,000 automatic drip coffeemakers, while Atico's involves about 198,000 electric percolators.
In former times, there were probably no more than one or two grinds available, the most popular being the so-called regular grind, which could be bought in food stores to produce good coffee in percolators or in the extraction method mentioned earlier.