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A salt or ester of perchloric acid.
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Iodine-deficient populations are also likely to be at greater risk of perchlorate toxicity and provide information relevant to understanding potential perchlorate effects.
When new information becomes available on substances like perchlorate, we support bringing the information forward through the accepted process of scientific peer review and evaluation.
4 found no perchlorate, but the wells will remain closed while the DEP investigates.
Federal and state regulators are evaluating the threat perchlorate -- found in Santa Clarita's groundwater system -- could pose to drinking water.
The most common method for removal of perchlorate from drinking water is to use ion-exchange resins, which pull out the pollutant but don't destroy it.
CDC declared that "the effects of low level perchlorate ingestion need to be described as soon as possible.
No adverse effects from exposure to perchlorate at environmental levels have been shown in more than 60 years of scientific research.
Perchlorate is used in manufacturing rocket fuel, fireworks, flares and explosives and also may be in bleach and some fertilizers.
In fact, the EPA already has an interim advisory limit of 15 parts per billion for perchlorate in drinking water, and some states have gone further, including California, with a standard of 6 ppb, and Massachusetts, at just 2 ppb.
Here are all these perchlorate salts right under them, by a few centimeters, is a slab of (water ice).
The notice described the agency's decision that there is not a "meaningful opportunity for health risk reduction'' through a national drinking water regulation for perchlorate.
After first discovering the perchlorate on Mars, researchers thought it might be a contaminant from rocket fuel.