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A salt or ester of perchloric acid.
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Perchlorate is a common environmental pollutant found in water, milk, some foods and everyday chemicals, including fertilisers and air bags.
We focus on the Raman spectroscopic regions of the perchlorate symmetric stretching band at ~900-1000 [cm.
However, we have found that GAC is ineffective for removing ClO4- because perchlorate exists in anion species [6, 7], though it is generally considered cost-effective for water treatment in situations where the contaminant can be removed from water solubility [8, 9].
Perchlorate is used in manufacturing rocket fuel, fireworks, flares and explosives and also may be in bleach and some fertilizers.
In fact, the EPA already has an interim advisory limit of 15 parts per billion for perchlorate in drinking water, and some states have gone further, including California, with a standard of 6 ppb, and Massachusetts, at just 2 ppb.
The notice described the agency's decision that there is not a "meaningful opportunity for health risk reduction'' through a national drinking water regulation for perchlorate.
In response to the surveys being conducted and to media attention of the issue, the Food Industry Environmental Council (FIEC), founded and chaired by the American Frozen Food Institute, met with FDA to provide industry data and studies on perchlorate in the food supply.
Several years ago, environmentalists expressed concern that perchlorate could be a carcinogen.
According to EWG, tests of almost 3,000 human urine and breast milk samples, along with tests of more than 1,000 fruit, vegetable, cow's milk, beer, and wine samples, reveal that perchlorate exposure in the population is pervasive.
Perchlorate pollution is usually traceable to sloppy rocket fuel manufacturing or disposal, though modest amounts can occur naturally.
Perchlorate, an ingredient in rocket fuel and other military products, has been found to interfere with thyroid function and is especially dangerous to infants.
by scientists at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, found perchlorate in every sample but one.