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A salt or ester of perchloric acid.
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This molecule forms due to the burning of carbon with perchlorate.
"This molecule is created when carbon molecules burn with perchlorate, so scientists suspect that it could have been created when the soil samples were burnt during Viking exploration," said the report.
Perchlorate is a common environmental pollutant found in water, milk, some foods and everyday chemicals, including fertilisers and air bags.
(1) "If you're not making enough thyroid hormone, any amount of perchlorate is a problem."
Perchlorate, thiocyanate, nitrate, and iodide concentrations in urine were determined by isotope dilution and ion chromatography/tandem mass spectroscopy (IC/MS/MS) as reported previously (Valentin-Blasini et al.
Aside from the perchlorates division, the company manufactures Halotron, a branded, clean fire extinguishing agent alternative to halon-based products and sodium azide, a pharmaceutical chemical intermediate.
The Curiosity rover confirmed the existence of perchlorates in equatorial soil, and provided detailed observations of relative humidity and ground temperature in all Martian seasons.
Since diagnostic criteria for various nuances of dimerization of anion radicals arising upon electroreduction of substrates are available in literature [5] pulsed voltammetric study of 2-[35-bis(11-dimethylethyl)-4- oxo-25-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]acetonitrile was undertaken at platinum electrode in acetonitrile containing sodium perchlorate. The main peak in Fig.
The Henderson site is the largest perchlorate groundwater plume in the country.
Other related lectures and seminars include “The Formation of Perchlorate, Bromate and Other Contaminants in Hypochlorite: Implications for Drinking Water Utilities,” (Stanford BD, Pisarenko A, Snyder SA, Gordon G), presented at the 2009 Water Technology Conference and Exposition, Seattle, Washington, Nov.