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1. To become aware of directly through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing.
2. To achieve understanding of; apprehend.

per·ceiv′a·ble adj.
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Among the EU Member States, the highest share of the population aged 16 or over who perceived their health as good or very good was recorded in Ireland (83%), ahead of Cyprus (78%), Italy and Sweden (both 77%), the Netherlands (76%) and Malta (75%).
The proposed model called TAM3, which is presented in Figure 1, is a product of merging TAM2(Venkatesh & Davis, 2000)with the model of the perceived ease of use predictors (Venkatesh, 2000).
The researchers found that only perceived stress was associated with both PSE participation and depressive symptoms.
Perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness of technology are the most critical concepts that influence the intention to use technology; thus, external variables that affect these two concepts should be considered (Davis, 1989).
More than two-thirds (67.5 per cent) of people aged 16 or over living in the European Union (EU) and 78.7 per cent in Cyprus, perceived their health status as very good or good in 2016, according to data released by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU.
Perceived search skills reflect the individual's search capabilities and, thus, are an individual factor.
The current study intended to explore the mindfulness as mediator in relationship between resilience and perceived stress.
Sources privy to the unfolding events told the Star some Jubilee governors perceived to be close to Deputy President William Ruto were uncomfortable with Mvurya as the CoG chairman.
Customer's green perceived quality, green perceived risk and green perceived value are reflected in a consumer's trust on an eco-friendly product (Chen & Chang, 2012; Chen, Lin & Weng, 2015).
Notably, she also found relationships between substance use and perceived attractiveness, with girls who believe they are very good looking being more likely to drink.
Keywords: Online Group Buying, Purchase Intention, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived ease of use, Perceived Risk

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