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1. To become aware of directly through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing.
2. To achieve understanding of; apprehend.

per·ceiv′a·ble adj.
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The level of anguish and mistrust between the two peoples may perceivably stand in the way of any agreement reached between their leaders.
Findings also reveal that marriages started online are less prone to result in a break-up when compared with those begun through conventional venues, plus they offer a perceivably higher rate of marital satisfaction.
Intimate relations with Tehran are vital for New Delhi not only because nearly 41% of refined oil domestically being utilized by India is being supplied by Iran but perceivably, Iran is the only itinerary which can give them access to energy resources of Central Asian states.
"While the first two changes serve as clear control mechanisms over voting in the country's largely Kurdish and non-AKP voting southeast, backtracking on sealed papers perceivably serves little protective service in the absence of transparency.
Perceivably, the great NRA activists were not very ecstatic at the awkward remarks of their loyal friend, Donald Trump.
We understand this agency as shaped by (negative) opinions perceivably conveyed by "others" (the Estonian-speakers, men etc.) and internalised by the interviewees as a form of constraint.
Within that tribe, the perceivably weakest person--the most impaired person, who couldn't feed himself, or push his wheelchair up the ramp--can maximize their effort, maximize their ambition and be an intricate part to the sum of the whole tribe."
The three-fold increase in the use of Clearwater River Basin fish following relocation could perceivably be explained by the added distance to the Snake River and by avoidance of the bald eagle nesting site.
Unlike the previous two liability schemes, this one seems rather difficult to mesh together in a way that resembles any current scheme under the law or one that may perceivably exist in the future.
As a horror/thriller film it is fun but doesn't take the genre in any perceivably new direction.