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An antipsychotic.
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For example, the AGATE researchers reported that the "atypical" drugs amisulpride and zotepine (not approved for use in the United States) and risperidone were indistinguishable from "typical" fluphenazine in terms of the risk of extrapyramidal side effects, whereas perazine, a "typical" antipsychotic available in Europe, had a risk profile lower than most drugs in the "atypical" class.
Predictors of neuroleptic treatment response in acute schizophrenia: results of a treatment study with perazine.
These same symptoms of acute neuropathy have also been observed to develop in some patients treated with Perazine (a phenotiazine antipsychotic drug), in whom a process of demyelination of the nerve fibers was confirmed (Roelcke et al.