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An antipsychotic.
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These same symptoms of acute neuropathy have also been observed to develop in some patients treated with Perazine (a phenotiazine antipsychotic drug), in whom a process of demyelination of the nerve fibers was confirmed (Roelcke et al.
perforaturn; her symptoms suggest demyelination of axons as reported by patients after sun exposure and being treated with perazine (an antipsychotic drug), in which neural biopsies confirmed demyelination and axonal degeneration.
3] (Promochem), methaqualone (Sigma-Aldrich), dihydrocodeine (Knoll), ibuprofen (Dolorgiet), acetaminophen (Benechemie), perazine (Lundbeck), and phenobarbital (Siegfried).
Blank urine samples were supplemented with the known contaminants acetaminophen, dihydrocodeine, phenobarbital (250 000 [micro]g/L each), ibuprofen (25000 [micro]g/L), and perazine (125 000 [micro]g/L).
The GC-MS peak areas were measured with the HP G1034C MS ChemStation software by autointegration of the peaks in the mass fragmentograms of the following selected ions: m/z 235 for methaqualone, m/z 161 for methylated ibuprofen, m/z 232 for methylated phenobarbital, m/z 109 for acetylated acetaminophen, m/z 343 for acetylated dihydrocodeine, and m/z 339 for perazine.