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A surface against which an object may rest to gain support.


A structure on which another structure rests or is supported.

basal seat

Tissues in the mouth that support a denture.

bathtub seat

1. An assistive technology device that helps people with functional limitations to bathe. Some seats have modified features to help people transfer in and out of tubs, pools, or showers. Synonym: bath bench; shower seat
2. A device for bathing infants.


Infant drownings have occurred during bathtub seat use.

elevated toilet seat

Raised toilet seat.

raised toilet seat

A device for raising the height of a toilet to facilitate use by persons with limited strength or movement. Synonym: elevated toilet seat

rest seat

An area on which a denture or restoration rests.

shower seat

Bathtub seat (1).


A surface against which an object may rest to gain support.
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6) The national average population per seat (rounded to the nearest whole person) was 572,466.
Easyjet mirrored those comments on Tuesday, saying revenue per seat had fallen in April.
This is evident in our revenue performance for April, which fell on a per seat basis.
44 million with 90 seats, for a revenue per seat of $16,012.
This is evident in our revenue performance for April which fell on a per seat basis.
across Europe, while costs other than fuel should fall by three to five per cent per seat.
The next highest revenue per seat belongs to Outback Steakhouse of Little Rock.
These incidents, together with the Egyptair tragedy, resulted in some drop off in consumer demand leading to lower yield and have impacted third quarter Profit before Tax by approximately 28 million and have had a negative impact on third quarter revenue per seat of c.
The Boeing 777-300ER is, according to Boeing, 19% lighter than its closest competitor, produces 22% less carbon dioxide per seat and costs 20% less per seat to operate.
The owner of the independent Faded Rose restaurants in Little Rock and Texarkana, David studied non-alcohol sales figures of restaurants based on what's generally recognized in the industry as a more valid measuring stick: food sales per seat.