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A surface against which an object may rest to gain support.


A structure on which another structure rests or is supported.

basal seat

Tissues in the mouth that support a denture.

bathtub seat

1. An assistive technology device that helps people with functional limitations to bathe. Some seats have modified features to help people transfer in and out of tubs, pools, or showers. Synonym: bath bench; shower seat
2. A device for bathing infants.


Infant drownings have occurred during bathtub seat use.

elevated toilet seat

Raised toilet seat.

raised toilet seat

A device for raising the height of a toilet to facilitate use by persons with limited strength or movement. Synonym: elevated toilet seat

rest seat

An area on which a denture or restoration rests.

shower seat

Bathtub seat (1).


A surface against which an object may rest to gain support.
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The existing A320 180-eat fleet will be retrofitted starting in winter 2016, while the 186-seat A320s are expected to deliver a cost per seat saving of 2%.
However, disruption from heavy snowfall, de-icing planes and higher airport charges meant costs per seat excluding fuel rose 3.
06 per seat, and it said demand was being stifled by air passenger duty hikes.
The group, which has a 200-strong fleet of aircraft, said total cost per seat for the whole year is expected to increase by 2%, assuming no significant disruption arising from events such as airspace congestion during the Olympics.
easyJet mentioned that forward bookings are in line with the prior year and with 64% of the fourth quarter seats now sold, total revenue per seat growth for the final quarter at constant currency is expected to be in the range of 2% to 3%.
This is evident in our revenue performance for April, which fell on a per seat basis.
Europe's second-largest budget carrier after Ryanair said its total revenue per seat rose 17 percent in the quarter to GBP45 pounds (USD$85).
A hosted version is available for USD10 per seat per month.
If you purchase Upgrade Advantage for $226 per seat before Feb.
Although sales rose in 1999, total median cost of sales per seat remained virtually unchanged compared with 1998.
Prices ranged from $12 to $1,200 per seat, he said.
Apportionment Population per Seat (3) Method High Low Spread Current 803,655 455,975 347,680 Alternative 699,999 401,828 298,171