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The full range includes Peppery Rub, Tandoori Rub, Harissa Rub, Barbecue Rub, Ras El Hanout Rub, Italian Rub and Herby Fish Rub - all guaranteed to liven up any dish.
The goats cheese gnocchi is also excellent served with a robust concoction of tomatoes and herbs, a peppery salad with walnuts as shown, and strong gamey meats such as venison or pigeon.
No matter where it's grown, Syrah's hallmarks are peppery and meaty aromas and flavors, and when I say meaty, I mean that it can literally offer up something deliciously akin to the aroma and flavor of meat or game.
The flowers add a different delightful twist to the dressing's four distinctive varieties--aromatic Lavender French, peppery Orange Nasturtium, tangy Pomegranate Hibiscus, and sweet White Balsamic & Rose Petal.
Montforte Blue has classic blue-veining that enhances its peppery piquant flavor, while Montforte Gorgonzola is an Italian-styled veined cheese with soft green marbling and a mellow, tangy flavor.
Rich in antioxidants, arugula has a pungent, peppery flavor and 15 calories per two-cup serving.
Only five years old, it's clean and focused, with a peppery smell and hot (92.4 proof), licorice finish.
The Kingston-born author's book is one of the first cookbooks devoted entirely to the Caribbean variation of barbecuing with hot, peppery, spicy touches.
"It doesn't just work with artichokes, it sings with them," says Theise, and points out that it is also the thing to drink with shrimp, avocados, wild mushrooms and peppery winter greens like mizuna, tatsoi and arugula.
Its powerful green, peppery and astringent cress notes are accompanied by background characteristics of butter, potato and onion.
"The first sensation on the tongue is spicy, or peppery," offers Gregory.