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(so͞o′măk, sho͞o′-)
1. Any of various shrubs or small trees of the genera Rhus and Toxicodendron, having compound leaves, clusters of small greenish flowers, and usually red, hairy fruit. Species in the genus Toxicodendron, such as poison sumac, have toxic sap.
2. A tart, dark reddish-brown powder made from the ground dried fruits of a Eurasian sumac (Rhus coriaria), used as a seasoning in Middle Eastern cuisine.
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Q. is poison ivy or sumac contagious

A. if you scratch the rash and it has open sores,the pus from the sores can spread to other parts of the body and to other people as well,

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Considering the importance of adequate supply of nutrients to plants, especially during the initial growth, this study aimed to evaluate the effect of five K levels in the initial development, macro and micronutrients content and nutritional efficiency of Brazilian pepper tree.
Project botanists are attempting to recreate the ancient beer brewed from the pepper tree berries using traditional pottery.
The pepper tree (Schinus molle, Anacardiaceae), praised by Garibay and known locally as molle, has spread far and wide.
This one had green awnings in the front, a living room With Venetian blinds, a backyard with a garden and a pepper tree, A small apartment over the garage, and behind all that An unused lath house filled with dried-out dirt and vegetation, Where the sunlight filtered weakly through the slats.
One such invader, the Brazilian pepper tree, is a shrub or tree that reaches over 30 feet in height that was introduced into Florida in the mid-1800's for use as an ornamental plant.
Mediterranean plants An existing pepper tree is the focal point of the dining area, providing light shade on hot days.
This is also the time when the highly invasive Brazilian pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius) reaches its peak in bountiful clusters of ruby red fruit that will last until the holidays.
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By William Nicholson (Mammoth, pounds 5.99) 2 A Parrot inthe Pepper Tree. By Chris Stewar (Sort of Books, pounds 6.99) 3 Sea Room.
Some of the best low pollen trees are the females of dioecious species such as ash, poplar, willow, cedar, juniper, cottonwood, mulberry, osage orange, xylosma, yew, box elder, podocarpus, fringe tree, holly, pepper tree, smoke tree, coffee tree, sassafras and red maple.
As the bride and groom sailed back on a traditional Fijian barge rowed by islanders, we toasted their health in kava - a potent brew made from the root of the pepper tree.