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Pentasaccharide in Total Hip Replacement, or Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin C. A trial comparing the efficacy and safety of a pentasaccharide fondaparinux to enoxaparin in preventing thromboembolism (TE) post elective hip replacement
Conclusion TE occurred in 6.0% of fondaparinux and 8.0% of enoxaparin patients (non-statistically significant; p = 0.099); no significant difference in the rates of major bleeds or death between the groups

(2) Pentathlon
A five-part Olympic event in which the participant must ride an unfamiliar horse, shoot a pistol—formerly loaded with pellets, now a laser—épée fence, swim—200 metres freestyle—and run 3 km cross country
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Egyptian pentathlete Amro El-Geziry made a historical win as the top player in the Modern Pentathlon games, through achieving an advanced place in the game this year.
Jan Bartu has decided to make the evaluation device available to all pentathletes competing in major competitions, no matter which country they are representing: We would not be interested in winning a medal just because someone else s laser equipment did not work properly on the day: that would be a step too far in my view.
The key elements have a signal officer focus, but were also specifically designed help develop the leaders into Pentathletes.
In this interview, he shares his views on three topics: the multifunctional logistics Soldier, the pentathlete, and transformation.
After great reflection, I realized that the Citizen-Soldiers in the Army Reserve are pentathletes in their own right (aside from the pentathlete skills required for success on an echelon-above- brigade engineer staff, which I will discuss later in the article).
A FALSE start could not prevent Fergus Sweeney earning his spurs when winning a novelty ride-and-drive competition against Britain's leading pentathletes at the Horse of the Year Show in London last week.
They are not decathletes or pentathletes, yet we submitted them to ten different sports.
Wake is the latest in a long line of pentathletes produced by Birchfield that includes former Nuneaton-based Judy Simpson, Clova Court, Denise Lewis, Kelly Sotherton, Julie Holman and the current Commonwealth champion, Louise Hazel.
ONE of the world's leading modern pentathletes, Russian Boris Onischenko, was disqualified from the Olympic Games after being found guilty of cheating in Montreal last night.
TWO pentathletes flew the flag for Billingham at the National Championships at Solihull.
Pentathletes are competent, full-spectrum warriors who are adaptive and creative Soldiers solving complex problems on the move.