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Pentasaccharide in Total Hip Replacement, or Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin C. A trial comparing the efficacy and safety of a pentasaccharide fondaparinux to enoxaparin in preventing thromboembolism (TE) post elective hip replacement
Conclusion TE occurred in 6.0% of fondaparinux and 8.0% of enoxaparin patients (non-statistically significant; p = 0.099); no significant difference in the rates of major bleeds or death between the groups

(2) Pentathlon
A five-part Olympic event in which the participant must ride an unfamiliar horse, shoot a pistol—formerly loaded with pellets, now a laser—épée fence, swim—200 metres freestyle—and run 3 km cross country
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Before El-Geziry, Egyptian pentathlete Omnia Fakhry was champion of the Modern Pentathlon and was the first to rank internationally for the game in Egypt and the first to win an international medal.
For BOLC 1 and 2, all officers complete the course together as it focuses on basic leadership, Soldier skills, and the development of officers as Pentathletes.
That is an example of a true pentathlete organization that can adjust and be as successful as they can be.
Army Reserve pentathletes must possess the following five competencies, and they also need to maintain them in balance:
Wake is ranked third on the national under-15s pentathlete list and is ninth on the all time standings (former world champion Jess Ennis is 40th).
TWO pentathletes flew the flag for Billingham at the National Championships at Solihull.
Pentathletes are competent, full-spectrum warriors who are adaptive and creative Soldiers solving complex problems on the move.
Current University of Birmingham students involved include pentathletes Jenny Goodman and Rachael Hares, who are joined by Kate Holland in the women's events, and Hugh Jackson, Charles McClea and Tom Olphin who are hoping to build on their successes in winning the Men's Shield in the British Universities Sports Association Indoor Finals last month.
Hungarian Isthvan Nemeth, who manages the British ladies team, said: "In Hungary, if they say they are pentathletes they can get anything from anyone.
THREE local pentathletes had a memorable encounter with one of their heroes at the Motorcycle Live Show at the NEC.
BILLINGHAM Pentathletes made the now familiar journey to Salt Ayre Sports Complex at Lancaster.