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(vī'rē-on, vir'ē-on),
The complete virus particle that is structurally intact and infectious.
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Furthermore, treating serum with 2-mercapthoethanol increases the specificity of the test by destroying IgM pentamers that can interfere with evaluation of IgG but does not fully eliminate false positives because of heterologous cross-reactions (14, 27).
ARE basic motifs include pentamers of AUUUA, nonamers of UUAUUUAUU, and AU-rich clusters composed of linked pentamers and/or nonamers.
Zeng POCl3-mediated H-bonding-directed one-pot synthesis of macrocyclic pentamers, strained hexamers and highly strained heptamers, SCI China Chem, 55, 55 (2012).
Mammalian nAChRs contain five subunits divided into the alpha ([alpha]2-[alpha]7, [alpha]9, and [alpha]10) and beta ([beta]2-[beta]4) subfamilies, which assemble into both heteromeric and homomeric pentamers [190].
It is still unclear if nAChR subunits of monocytic cells actually form conventional pentamers as shown in the schematic drawing.
The used rMBL preparation consists largely of pentamers, hexamers, and heptamers of such subunits and has thus 15-21 AF680 fluorophores per rMBL molecule.
(72) One important feature of galectin-3 is its ability to form small clusters of galectin-3 molecules bound together in pentamers. This allows the molecule to participate in multiple cellular and extracellular processes involving tissue growth, structure, and immune modulation.
IgM antibodies, being pentamers, are efficient agglutinins; with five antigen-binding sites, they can bridge this distance.
Procyanidin trimers to pentamers fractionated from apple inhibit melanogenesis in B16 mouse melanoma cells.
As a result, plasma cells secrete IgM either as "hexamers" [([H.sub.2][L.sub.2]).sub.6] or as "pentamers" [([H.sub.2][L.sub.2]).sub.5]J, in which a third antibody component, the J-chain, joins the "monomeric" units, again by disulfide bonds [1].
The recombinant PPV VP2-derived VLPs were found to be stable when lyophilized and stored at -20[degrees]C longer than a year and VLPs remained intact when resolubilized in PBS as no pentamers or disrupted particles were observed by electron microscopy (Figure 2(b)).