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(vī'rē-on, vir'ē-on),
The complete virus particle that is structurally intact and infectious.
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The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor: the founding father of the pentameric ligand-gated ion channel superfamily.
CRP is a pentameric 23 kDa member of the pentraxin family of plasma proteins discovered by Tillett and Francis in 1930.7 Named for its ability to precipitate the C-polysaccharide of Streptococcus pneumonia.
Currently, the paper-based technique can detect anti-ABO antibodies, but those are normally high concentration, pentameric, high-avidity IgM antibodies that can cross-link RBCs.
Based on the well-known structure and assembly of SMC monomers into pentameric ring complexes, it appears unlikely that the predicted SMC domain in Nesprin-2 fulfills the role of a classical SMC protein.
The mRNA of IAP2 protein belongs to group 3 of ARE proteins, containing 3 pentameric AUUUA repeats [86].
These receptors are pentameric proteins composed of different subunits surrounding a central chloride ion-selective channel gated by GABA.
nAChRs are members of a family of ligand-gated, pentameric ion channels that are tightly arranged around a central pore [18].
Both CT and LT are composed of enzymatically active A subunit which possesses ADP-ribosylating activity and pentameric B subunits which possesses monosialoganglioside (GM1) receptor-binding site.
PTX3 is a prototype of long pentraxins; a large molecule with molecular weight of 40.6kD characterized by a pentameric structure, which can result in increased retention during uremia (15).
Gal-3, existing as a monomer in solution, produces a pentameric structure through self-associated intermolecular interactions and mediates crosslinking of proteins, forming a lattice organization (108, 110,111).
IgM antibody by virtue of its large pentameric structure has five Fc fragments per molecule and will fulfil this requirement.
AV0328 is a synthetic pentameric oligosaccharide of b-1-6-linked D-glucosamine sugars conjugated to tetanus toxoid that elicits a protective antibody response against a large number of microbial pathogens associated with infections.