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A rarely used term for a combination of five elements, such as five concurrent symptoms.
[penta- + G. logos, treatise, word]
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It's more commonly associated with intra cardiac defects when it is a part of Cantrell pentalogy.
Pentalogy of Cantrell and associated midline anomalies: a possible ventral midline developmental field.
The syndromic form known as pentalogy of Cantrell is extremely rare and usually incompatible with life; because of this, its exact incidence is not found in literature.
Other syndromes associated with omphalocoele include pentalogy of Cantrell (4.5%) and OEIS complex (2.5%).
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The final villainous tale in the pentalogy, The Hildebrand Rarity, is set entirely in the Seychelles on board a luxury yacht named The Wavekrest.
Pentalogy of Cantrell can be caused by vascular dysplasia, as well as mechanical teratogens, genetic mutations or a viral infection in the first trimester of pregnancy [4].
[7] have reported a case of primigravida with uncorrected pentalogy of Fallot who was successfully managed with labor epidural analgesia with 10 mL of 0.125% bupivacaine and 50 [micro]g of fentanyl.
Keywords: Pentalogy of Cantrell, Ectopia cordis, midline developmental anomalies
Se hizo busqueda en las bases de datos Medline via PubMed, Ovid, Hinari y Fabumed, utilizando las palabras clave: abdominal wall defects; omphalocele, gastrosquisis, diapragmatic hernia; OEIS complex, limb-body-wall complex; pentalogy of Cantrell.