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A rarely used term for a combination of five elements, such as five concurrent symptoms.
[penta- + G. logos, treatise, word]
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Poor prognostic factors are large size, rupture, cardiac abnormalities, respiratory distress at birth, pulmonary hypoplasia and co-morbid anomalies (Beckwith Weideman, Trisomy 13, 18 and 21, Pentalogy of Cantrell) (2-7).
Due to a constellation of midline defects (sternum, diaphragm, heart and abdominal wall) he was diagnosed as having Pentalogy of Cantrell.
Key Words: congenital malformations, Morgagni hernia, pentalogy of Cantrell, diaphragmatic hernia, intralobar sequestration, chest CT
We report three cases in adults: one pulmonary sequestration and two diaphragmatic hernias, one of which had 3 of 5 features of the pentalogy of Cantrell.
IT is not until in the great pentalogy Barabbas, The Sibyl, The Death of Ahasuerus, Pilgrim at Sea, and The Holy Land that Lagerkvist deepens his understanding of what makes culture something worthy of our respect, and makes it the experiential core of history.
Death and Transfiguration in The Lagerkvist Pentalogy.
This syndrome, called the pentalogy of Cantrell, consists of the following: A deficiency of the anterior diaphragm, a midline supraumbilical abdominal wall defect, a defect in the diaphragmatic pericardium, congenital intracardiac abnormalities, and a defect of the lower sternum.
At the 50th Venice Biennale, Shanghai-based artist Yang Fudong presented The Seven Intellectuals M Bamboo Forest, 2003, the first part of his new filmic pentalogy, The Seven Intellectuals, an adaptation of the traditional Chinese stories known as "The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.
For his novelistic pentalogy, consisting of Celestino
A prolific writer, Panov has authored numerous books that span many genres, including the pentalogy of Enclaves, the mystery series La Mystique de Moscou, and a number of steam punk novels collectively referred to as the Hermeticon.
We present a case referred to our clinic with a lower respiratory tract infection and later diagnosed as Down syndrome with concurrent Fallot pentalogy.
Soon after his birth, doctors found that he actually had Pentalogy of Cantrell, an extremely rare birth defect (approximately 5 out of every 1 million births) that causes defects involving the diaphragm, abdominal wall, pericardium, heart and lower sternum.