penoscrotal hypospadias

pe·no·scro·tal hy·po·spa·di·as

malposition of the urethral opening at the junction of the penis and scrotum.
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Specifically, two patients in Group A and two patients in Group B had testicular ascension, all of whom also had initial condition of penoscrotal hypospadias and resultant postoperative penile complications.
Comparative analysis of tubularized incised plate versis Onlay flap urethroplasty for Penoscrotal hypospadias.
Comparative analysis of tubularized incised plate versus onlay island flap urethroplasty for penoscrotal hypospadias.
I open, and 4 endoscopic prostatectomies), to blunt perinea] trauma in 1 patient, to a gunshot wound in 1 patient, to a history of multiple attempts of penoscrotal hypospadias repair in 1 patient, and to iatrogenic injury of the bladder neck and urethra surgery performed for rectal carcinoma in one patient with a history of radiotherapy.
after puberty, with normal pubic hair, normal penile size, small testes, gynecomastia, sterility resulting from azoospermia, cryptorchidism, anterior hypospadias, gender role and gender identity ar reported as male, 20% present at birth, with penoscrotal hypospadias with or without chordee5.