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6-Aminopenicillanic acid; an intermediate in the synthesis of penicillins.
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Making these endeavours by the organizations is dependent on seeing the benefits which may be gained thanks to crowdsourcing, among others: access to talents, external knowledge (Burger-Helmchen & Penin, 2010), valuable information (Greengard, 2011), resources (Brabham, 2008), skills and experience (Oliveira, Ramos & Santos, 2010), mobilization (Zhao & Zhu, 2012), and competences (Chanal & Caron-Fasan, 2008).
A village chief was killed and his son was wounded when four armed men barged into their house in Purok Penin in Barangay Rosary Heights 6 here at past 8 pm Monday, police said.
61,76,201 Idaho West & East Side of Zones managed only ID; SCentral ID for controlled hunt opportunity Kansas Fort Riley Fort Riley Kentucky Evenly Distributed Evenly Distributed Michigan NE Lower Penin.
Cristofari G, Ivanyi Nagy R, Gabus C, Boulant S, Lavergne JP, Penin F, Darlix JL.
The combination of genes rpoA, rpoB, rpoC1 and rpoC2 is proposed as a phylogenetic marker in systematic and molecular phylogeny of flowering plants (Logacheva, Penin, Samigullin, Vallejo-Roman, & Antonov, 2007).
Contract award notice: reconstruction du rseau public d~assainissement rue du penin et rue de l~aumaraldine sur la commune de lons.
Por ultimo, el cluster fue una iniciativa empresarial combinada con el apoyo del gobierno (Bureth, Penin y Wolff, 2010).
2002); Julien Penin, Patents Versus Ex Post Rewards: A New Look, 34 Res.
Penin, Hussler and Burger-Helmchen (2011) and Chesbrough (2012) argued that companies previously kept internal knowledge as a form of competitive advantage, but this logic changed with the introduction of open innovation model, since then companies have started commercializing or sharing knowledge that was previously only for internal use.
Ukrainian activists and Crimean Tatars began blockading theAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA penin in September, preventing trucks from Ukraine with perishable goods from crossing into Crimea in an effort to draw attention to alleged (http://www.
The crowd wisdom model aims at allowing the crowd to answer innovation challenges or to solve problems (Jain, 2010; Penin and Burger-Helmchen, 2011).