penile curvature

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a nonangular deviation from a normally straight course.
greater curvature of stomach the left or lateral and inferior border of the stomach, marking the inferior junction of the anterior and posterior surfaces.
lesser curvature of stomach the right or medial border of the stomach, marking the superior junction of the anterior and posterior surfaces.
penile curvature curvature of the penis to one side when erect; called also clubbed penis.
Pott's curvature abnormal posterior curvature of the spine occurring as a result of Pott's disease.
spinal curvature abnormal deviation of the vertebral column, as in kyphosis, lordosis, and scoliosis.
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In a study by Gelbard et al, CC treatment showed significant benefit for penile curvature and outcomes of symptom bother scores.
Injection into a Peyronie's plaque may result in disruption of the plaque, leading to a reduction in pain and penile curvature for men with Peyronie's disease.
In particular, our 2012 controlled study demonstrated the superiority of treatment results when adding vitamin E (600 mg/daily = group A) to a combination therapy (verapamil injection and iontophoresis + blueberries oral + propolis oral + topical Diclofenac/for 6 months = group B): (group A versus group B) success in reducing plaque size 97.14% versus 68.57% (p = 0.004); actual plaque size reduction 50.2% versus 35.8% (p = 0.027); penile curvature improvement 96.6% versus 48.4% (p = 0.0001); mean penile curvature decrease of 12.25[degrees] versus 6.73[degrees] (p = 0.01) [62].
-6.73 degrees; p = 0.01), and the proportion of patients who showed an improvement in penile curvature (96.6% vs.
In IMPRESS I and IMPRESS II at 52 weeks, both co-primary endpoints met statistical significance for mean percent change in penile curvature deformity and mean change in the PDQ bother domain score for XIAFLEX subjects vs.
Positive top-line data from this trial was previously reported in December 2009 and showed a statistically significant change compared to placebo at 36 weeks in both improvement in penile curvature deformity (p=0.001) and the Peyronie's Disease Questionnaire (PDQ) bother domain (p=0.046).
No erectile dysfunction and penile curvature were observed over the six months after the surgery.
"An on table erection test is usually done for investigations of penile curvature or other disorders related to penile erectile dysfunctions, which, in itself, is not a life-threatening condition," the Herald Sun quoted a Sydney urologist, who asked not to be named, as saying.
This acquired disorder of the tunica albuginea is caused by the formation of a plaque of fibrous tissue resulting in penile curvature and erectile dysfunction and pain.
"The drug not only reduced penile curvature but also eliminated pain on erection and increased sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.
Several patients have severe erectile dysfunction or penile curvature as a result of using treatments aimed at increasing the length of the penis.