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A previous study at our institution found discrepancies between Phoenix nitrocefin and a chromogenic cephalosporin test in the determination of penicillinase activity (14), which led us to prospectively investigate these differences and to compare results with Phoenix MIC values for penicillin and ampicillin and to compare results with ampicillin disk diffusion.
The enzyme assay result can be explain by assuming that both flavonol (galangin) and flavone (apigenin), which shared OH at 5 and 7 carbon position, can inhibit penicillinase activity (Eumkeb et al.
The ability of flavonoids to inhibit the in vitro activity of penicillinase and [beta]-lactamases varied considerably.
2002) have confirmed that EGCg inhibits the penicillinase produced by S.
TEM-1] gene that coded for narrow-spectrum penicillinase and a [bla.
Although penicillins are considered safe during pregnancy, the fact that Bacillus anthracis strains may have penicillinase activity led to the recommendation that amoxicillin be used for prophylaxis only if the specific strain was shown to be penicillin sensitive.
Comparison between methicillin-sensitive and methicillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus Strain and major resistance mechanism * BORSA/novel methicillinase [+ or -] MSSA/penicillinase penicillinase production hyperproduction PBP2a detection (e.
Therefore, it is all the more surprising that genes commonly found on plasmids in the latter bacterial genus, such as bla for penicillinase production and aac6'-aph2" for resistance to nearly all commercially available aminoglycosides, have not yet emerged in streptococci.
coli and 2 strains of Citrobacter koseri were positive through the P/Case TEST for production of penicillinase, cephalosporinase, or both (Table 1).
Until 2000, most extended spectrum beta-lactamines (ESBLs) were mutants of classical TEM and SHV plasmid-mediated penicillinases.

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