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an instrument for measuring the penetrating power of x-rays; qualimeter.


An obsolete instrument for measuring the penetrating power of x-rays from any given source.
[penetration + G. metron, measure]


An obsolete device formerly used to quantify an X-ray’s penetrability, or “hardness”.

step wedge

(step wej)
Triangular aluminum device placed over a radiographic film during exposure to determine the penetrating ability of an x-ray beam.
Synonym(s): penetrometer.
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Evaluation of frequency distribution changes resulting from bi-directional selection for rind penetrometer resistance in maize.
There was an increase in penetrometer resistance during the Festival period, but this increase occurred outside, as well as inside, the area occupied by the Festival.
After vertical insertions from the soil surface with the `Rimik' penetrometer, the soil was gently scraped aside to expose the soil at a depth of 90 mm (furrows) or 190 mm (ridges) for the other measurements.
During an experiment at the USDA-ARS National Soil Dynamics Laboratory (NSDL) in Auburn, Alabama, it took more than three days to obtain 800 sets of force-depth data with a tractor-mounted soil cone penetrometer. Researchers then decided to design and build a unit with multiple probes that take several readings at one time across a row.
The percentage coalescence was estimated and penetrometer resistances measured at times 0, 21, 43, and 76 weeks after tillage.
Although a going description will be posted at Longchamp, no penetrometer readings will be published after France-Galop decided the information will no longer be made public.
Sunday's Arc de Triomphe field may face the softest ground for decades after Gerard Grandchamp, Longchamp's manager, revealed that yesterday's penetrometer reading was 5.1, the equivalent of heavy ground.
FRANCE Going in France is assessed by the penetrometer, a calibrated stick which gives official readings when dropped onto the turf in different parts of the course.