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To pierce; to pass into the deeper tissues or into a cavity.
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verb To enter by force; to force one’s way into a place or space; to infiltrate.

verb To enter into the body—e.g., by a sharp object or projectile.

verb To enter a natural orifice (e.g., the vagina, anus), as by a penis or sexual toy.
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(pĕn′ĕ-trāt) [L. penetrare]
To enter or force into the interior; pierce.
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The cumulative probability of HPV-16 infection in the first two years after study enrollment (for women who were already Sexually experienced) or initiation of penetrative sex was 10%.
Sex therapist and relationship counselor, Matty Silver, explained that as only one in five women can have an organism through penetrative sex, so they fake it.
"The post mortem concluded that he died from a single penetrative wound to the chest."
Only three of Watford's 33 attempts to play a penetrative pass - that is, to get the ball behind the Sheffield United defence - reached its target, though they did produce a saved shot, a corner and a throw in the attacking third.
A highly penetrative home attack ripped apart the visiting batting order to such an extent that Griff's innings of 75 all out lasted just 32.2 overs.
They included five category A images, which are the most serious and involve penetrative sexual activity.
A medical report read out to the jury "excludes the possibility" she had full penetrative sex at such a young age.
"Everyone knows that sexual activity does not mean penetrative sex," the institute's head of research, Daryl Higgins, said.
Their maximum power is limited to 1 Joule (J), the limit specified by the Home Office as "being incapable of causing any penetrative injury".
Hernych has proved he can be effective on all surfaces this season and has the strength to cope with Hanescu's penetrative groundstrokes.
Matt Prior's fluent batting and Sajid Mahmood's penetrative bowling helped England A build a platform to push for victory by the end of day two in Colombo.
A fifth of all teenagers said they had full penetrative sex when aged 16 or under during a school outing with at least one overnight stay, with a quarter not using contraception.