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Pseudoaneurysm of the carotid artery is extremely rare and mostly are result of blunt or penetrating trauma.
Women are more likely to suffer blunt injuries than penetrating traumas, whereas men present a very high prevalence of the latter, which usually have greater lethality (7, 9, 12-15).
Table 2--Characteristics at the end of surgery and outcomes of a prospective thoracoabdominal penetrating trauma cohort.
If CT findings are inconclusive or if there is high clinical suspicion, particularly in penetrating trauma where the tract is in close proximity to the alimentary structures, further evaluation with CT or fluoroscopic esophagography may be warranted.
Of 75 blunt trauma cases, 48 were managed conservatively and 27 required operative intervention while of 25 penetrating trauma cases, 1 was managed conservatively and 24 required operative intervention.
Two cases were subsequently excluded since they were not victims of either blunt or penetrating trauma (admission after snake bite and drowning).
6-10) Nevertheless, the lack of reports in hospitals in other states of the Mexican republic could not show a real statistics of penetrating trauma.
surgery for penetrating trauma was performed in 98.
Diagnosis of arterial injuries caused by penetrating trauma to the neck: comparison of helical CT angiography and conventional angiography.
Blunt liver trauma was seen in 50% of the cases (n=15), while, remaining had penetrating trauma.
Weakness in the thoracic wall can be due to blunt or penetrating trauma, causing rib fractures and intercostal muscle tears.
Thompson WS, Rubsamen PE, Flynn HW Jr, Schiffman J, Cousins SW Endophthalmitis after penetrating trauma.