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To pierce; to pass into the deeper tissues or into a cavity.
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verb To enter by force; to force one’s way into a place or space; to infiltrate.

verb To enter into the body—e.g., by a sharp object or projectile.

verb To enter a natural orifice (e.g., the vagina, anus), as by a penis or sexual toy.
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(pĕn′ĕ-trāt) [L. penetrare]
To enter or force into the interior; pierce.
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Kurdish sources said that forces Iranian Revolutionary Guard penetrated for one kilometer into the region's territories in pretext of perusing elements of the PJAK organization.
If in Greek culture all malakoi were undesirable, the penetrated male as malakos was undesirable, too.
"If I cut parts of him into slices, I could also show the exact path of the bullet as it penetrated the lungs."
The carbon arrow that penetrated best had a smooth surface.
They found all three particle sizes (1.0, 0.2, and 0.078 micrometer) penetrated the swine macrophages, though in perplexingly different proportions--only 21% of the macrophages contained the medium size, while 77% contained the smallest and 56% contained the largest.
I don't know if Greg penetrated or was penetrated, but he did something forbidden.
if the corporate email server is penetrated, the IP address information will falsely show that the email originated from inside the company.
of the refractory lining to locate and remove the penetrated iron.
Roca's affinity for strong geometry (ARs October 1992, October 1994, July 1999) is expressed in a compact, circular plan, penetrated at the south-east corner by the cubic volume of the lecture theatre.
The Sun has completely transformed and changed the face of the Earth and has penetrated the biosphere.
Set in a crowded dance hall where the Iguana Cafe Orchestra swings and sways, the film revolves around an awkward couple trying to remain on the dance floor while a caller reads out stranger and stranger reasons (e.g., "anyone who has been penetrated by a Mountie") why dancers are to be eliminated from further participation.
Stavrou of PSINet, which competes with AOL's Internet service, questions the certainty behind that claim: "Once a company has been penetrated, there's no way to tell how far the crooks have advanced or what information they've gained access to."