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To pierce; to pass into the deeper tissues or into a cavity.
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verb To enter by force; to force one’s way into a place or space; to infiltrate.

verb To enter into the body—e.g., by a sharp object or projectile.

verb To enter a natural orifice (e.g., the vagina, anus), as by a penis or sexual toy.
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(pĕn′ĕ-trāt) [L. penetrare]
To enter or force into the interior; pierce.
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A highly durable epoxy resin adhesive (hereinafter referred to as "bonding agent for placing") is applied to a penetrable adhesive that strengthens the adhering surface after damage.
The show's tour de force was Eden, 1969, for which visitors were encouraged to shed their shoes and socks and enter a fenced-off space in which they could walk on sand, settle into one of the work's "nests" to relax or read, or explore one of the installation's Penetraveis (Penetrables), makeshift structures that recall shantytown architecture and in which one is invited to listen to music or feel the water, rocks, or leaves underfoot.
(9) (or better, its extension to the case of penetrable scatterers) and without using any information on the considered incident fields, the reconstructions shown in Fig.
(a) PI stains dead cells with penetrable plasma membrane and its fluorescence was detected in both red (FL3) and orange (FL2) ranges of the spectrum.
The modern baby diapers and incontinence products have a layered construction, which allows the distribution and transfer of urine to a penetrable core structure, where it is locked.
It can detect contaminants and also show what's going on in the groundwater, where surface water flows, and where porous and penetrable karst rock is located.
Much of the state is covered by a vast swamp lying between the Gulf of Mexico and the highlands of Chiapas, penetrable only by the region's mighty rivers--the Usumacinta, the Grijalva, and the Tonala--whose recurring floods and frequent course changes further limited the availability of arable land and made any human settlement precarious.
Her face looked liked it was scanned at Kinkos and her three penetrable holes resembled a child's drawing of private parts.
It is now a stark reality that no country that is reachable or penetrable by ISIS (Islamic State) or its variants is safe from terrorist attacks and acts of barbarism.
"Heels have very thick skin, this means they are less penetrable and need more attention to lock up on moisture," said Brooks.
As examples, highly miniaturized assemblies need excellent print characteristics and sometimes underfill compatibility; designs with many BGAs or BTCs require robust reflow properties; pin-tested PCBs demand easily penetrable flux residues; high-reliability boards must often be cleaned or conformal coated, and the list goes on.