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45) The aim of the modernization is to increase survivability, reliability, safety, and penetrability.
Dynamic non-linear skin friction of piles, in International Symposium on Penetrability and Driveability of Piles, 1985, San Francisco, USA, 1: 173-176.
The control concrete (OPC) developed a chloride-ion penetrability that is considered to be moderate according to ASTM 1202.
In fact, Shelley turns to images and sites of horror to convey the simultaneous contraction of experience within the human body and the body's penetrability and vulnerability to contagion inherent in the experiences of plague and death.
Emma's penetrability and vulnerability to this nebulous presence is especially apparent as she is given last rites in the scene just before her death.
The fluoroquinolone antibiotics have several favorable properties, such as excellent bioavailability, good tissue penetrability, and a relatively low incidence of adverse and toxic effects.
The pine needles like other agro-forest residues also experience poor resin penetrability into their cell walls that restrict their maximum possible utilization in the composites (11).
Poor blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetrability of many systemically active chemotherapeutic drugs has been the major limiting factor in exploring the role of chemotherapy in treatment of brain metastases besides the tendency of many patients having had multiple courses of chemotherapy before developing brain metastases and historical exclusion of such patients from clinical trials testing new drugs7.
The 106 selected papers consider such topics as extracting alumina from sericite phyllite, preparing sulfur-free expanded graphite using an induction heating method, gemological characteristics of amber from Myanmar and Chinese Fushun, theoretical and experimental studies on the strength and stiffness of vacuum glazing, cyclic contact fatigue of dental porcelain, testing and evaluating the chloride ion penetrability of concrete under compressive stress, and three-dimensional impedance representation for microwave absorptive ceramics.
From the early modern point of view, the feminine receptivity and penetrability of an aggressive male warrior's sense of hearing may potentially confuse his passions, transforming him into a doer of evil deeds.
Millimeter-wave systems have been used for various applications for military, radio astronomy, security, medicine, inspection, and meteorology applications because it has the advantages of low atmospheric attenuation and high penetrability into thin building wall and fabric barriers such as hair and clothing.
In visual representations of belly dancers, the bejeweled containment of the breasts and the pelvic demarcation of the fringed hip belt frequently set the limits of the dancer's body in the "headless torso shot" (as belly dancers refer to it) that frames the dancer only from her breasts to her hips, lopping off both her personal identity and her actual sexual penetrability in one fell swoop.