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Pender, Nola J.

Etymology: b. 1941
a nursing theorist who first presented her Health Promotion Model for nursing in her book Health Promotion in Nursing Practice (1982). She developed the idea that promoting optimal health supersedes preventing disease. Pender's theory identifies cognitive-perceptual factors in the individual, such as importance of health, perceived benefits of health-promoting behaviors, and perceived barriers to health-promoting behaviors. These factors are modified by demographic and biological characteristics and interpersonal influences, as well as situational and behavioral factors. They help predict participation in health-promoting behavior. The individual's definition of health for himself or herself has more importance than a general statement about health. A major assumption in Pender's theory is that health, as a positive high-level state, is assumed to be a goal toward which an individual strives.
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Duo illa prima principia: unum rationis: Identica sunt vera, et contradictionem implicantia sunt falsa, alterum experientiae: quod varia a me percipiantur, talia sunt, ut de ils demonstrari possit, (primo) demonstrationem eorum impossibilem esse; secundo omnes alias propositiones ab ipsis pendere, sive si haec duo principia non sunt vera, nullam omnimo veritatem et cognitionem locura habere.
En este caso habria podido evocar que el verbo en cuestion, del bajo latin, remonta al latin clasico pendere = pesar, tomar el peso a las diferentes ideas en jerarquias y categorias.
Iam volucres festis pendere sub aethera pinnis, iamque truces videas ora tenere feras.
Ma facemmo a tempo a vedere delle amache pendere dai rami, agitate dal vento, e la adagiate vidi le fanciulle che ci avevano condotto fin li, riconobbi Diana, finalmente tranquilla, che si faceva vento con un flabello di piume, e forse mi indirizzava un segno di saluto.
5) Further he had advised the Harvey brothers not to be daunted 'had they ten hundred thousand legions of hangum tuums or per collum pendere debes to their fathers'.