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pemmican, pemican

dried raw beef. See also biltong.
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Pemmican has found ways to work with traditional material but with a new slant.
To instil a sense of pride and a more positive self image among the Metis, especially among Metis school children" (Kienetz 14), the MMF therefore sponsored a series of publishing ventures which, in 1980, culminated in the creation of Pemmican Publications.
The special mixture, called Pemmican, is high in protein and fat.
One family will sponsor the traditional meal with native food like beef stew, bannock bread, bulberry soup and pemmican.
James Duncan Cameron of the Nor'Westers predicted violence: "Macdonell is now determined not only to seize our pemmican, but to drive us out of the Assiniboia district and consequently out of the north west.
Today she still smokes fish, makes pemmican and teaches school children to appreciate and crave "wild food.
However, by that time, mixed blood people were already expanding into Indian territory (without regard to the proclamations of a monarch across the ocean) trapping the furs, shooting the buffalo for the pemmican, paddling the canoes and just plain living.
Native Americans of the Narraganset tribe used the berries of the wild plant they called sasemineash to form their staple food pemmican, a type of dried jerky composed of pounded meat or fish and berries.
ConAgra Foods' ongoing Hulk promotion, which continues through the end of the summer, gives retailers a chance to make more green with sales of Slim Jim, David Seeds, and Pemmican Beef Jerky meat snacks.
based Pemmican Jerky, a ConAgra Foods snack foods brand, has added Pemmican Long Lasting Style Beef Jerky to its line.
I remember he told me that he had cut the top off his thumb while chopping frozen pemmican (a cake of dried meat) but as it was so cold he had stuck it back on and it healed leaving no scar.