pelvicaliceal, pelvicalyceal

pertaining to the renal pelves and calices.
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During PCNL, air may enter renal veins from the pelvicalyceal system.
12,13) Although rare, tumor herniation into the pelvicalyceal system and renal sinus is characteristic and may result in hydronephrosis and hemorrhage.
The gross specimen showed a shrunken kidney and a distended pelvicalyceal system containing a calculus with thick pus.
Neoplasms of the upper urinary tract: a review with focus on urothelial carcinoma of the pelvicalyceal system and aspects related to its diagnosis and reporting.
The sections from various representative areas revealed dilated pelvicalyceal system lined by metaplastic squamous epithelium and shows changes of chronic pyelonephritis (Fig 2).
0 cm, and it was well-confined within the renal and pelvicalyceal system.
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy in renal anomalies of fusion, ectopia, rotation, hypoplasia, and pelvicalyceal aberration: Uniformity in heterogeneity.
The bladder, renal pelvicalyceal system, ureters, and the proximal urethra are lined by urothelial mucosa, formerly called transitional mucosa.
Typically, the pelvicalyceal system is involved first, spreading from the medullary region to the cortex.
Intravenous pyelography, performed to rule out focal pelvicalyceal dilatation, revealed a focal space-occupying lesion with a mild displacement of upper pole calyces.
The following inclusion criteria were applied: patients with renal stones that were removed without significant (more than 4 mm) residual fragments, no perforation in the pelvicalyceal system during PCNL and patients with single access.