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Inhale and gently move into an anterior pelvic rock where the triangle is pointing down.
Move into a brief series that includes knee-rocking, leg stretches, Divine Mother Pose, Star Pose, pelvic rock, standing squat, Palm Tree Pose, Half Moon Pose, Triangle Pose and seated Mountain Pose.
McGhee Ladson says women can also do Kegel exercises, where they constrict and relax their vaginal muscles, and pelvic rock movements done on their hands and knees to strengthen the body's pelvic floor, which can aid in delivery.
Getting in touch with abdominal muscles by doing gentle pelvic rocks and tilts or sitting on a stability ball is about all the exercise you will want to do in the early weeks.
Pelvic rocks are a beneficial exercise to do throughout pregnancy.
Practicing the poses opens space to simultaneously discuss and practice: squatting, pelvic rocks, optimal fetal positioning ideas, healthy sitting, pelvic floor exercises, leg cramp prevention, back pain alleviation, and more (Remer, 2007).