pelvic canal

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pel·vic ca·nal

the passage from the superior to the inferior aperture of the pelvis.
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The purpose of this report is to describe the successful treatment of a feline with stenosis of the pelvic canal, megacolon, severe constipation and perineal hernia, emphasizing the combination of the use of the pelvic distraction technique with placement of two metal wires in spiral shapes, perineal hernia repair and subcolectomy.
Radiographic examination revealed an ileum body fracture with bony callus formation on the right side, which caused the narrowing of the pelvic canal, beyond the left ischium body fracture.
Subsequently, a radiographic examination was performed to visualize the pelvic canal expansion, which comprised an increase of 0.2cm in the pelvis diameter (Figure 4).
However, this choice may lead to the development of pelvic fractures and severe compression, which enables the narrowing of the pelvic canal. One of the main causes of dystocia, constipation and obstipation in cats is the narrowing of the pelvic canal (WASHABAU & HOLT, 1999).
A decrease between the sacro-ischiatic line and the pubic line from 3.98 to 3.18 can be observed, demonstrating an increase of approximately 21% in the diameter of the pelvic canal.
The symphysiotomy technique as reported SCHRADER (1992) provides resolution for pelvic canal stenosis, thereby enabling the animal to defecate without further complications when it does not present megacolon.
We authors of the article entitled "Subcolectomy and symphyseal distraction-osteotomy using a spacer of spirally fashioned orthopedic wire: A treatment option for cats with pelvic canal stenosis, megacolon and obstipation" declared, for all due purposes, that the project that gave rise to the present data of has not been submitted for evaluation to the Ethics Committee of the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense, but we are aware of the content of the Brazilian resolutions of the Conselho Nacional de Controle de Experimentacao Animal (CONCEA) <http://www.mct.
Symphyseal distraction-osteotomy using an ulnar autograft for the treatment of pelvic canal stenosis in three cats.
(b) and (c) represent the axial view of the abdomen at the level of L6 and the pelvic canal, respectively.