pelvic brim

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the upper edge of a bowllike structure.
pelvic brim pelvic inlet.

pel·vic in·'let

the upper opening of the true pelvis, bounded anteriorly by the pubic symphysis and the pubic crest on either side, laterally by the iliopectineal lines, and posteriorly by the promontory of the sacrum.

pelvic brim

the curved top of the bones of the hip extending from the anterosuperior iliac crest in front on one side around and past the sacrum to the crest on the other side. Below the brim is the pelvis.

pelvic brim

The bony upper edge of the true (lesser) pelvis, which is the rim of the pelvic inlet (superior pelvic aperture). The pelvic brim comprises the pubic crest and pectineal line of each pubis, the arcuate line of each ilium, the inner edge of the alae of the sacrum, and the sacral promontory. The pelvic brim is oval shaped in females and heart shaped in males.
Synonym: linea terminalis (1); pelvic opening
See also: brim
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The dissection is sufficient when both ureters are mobilized completely and when each can be traced from the pelvic brim to its insertion into the bladder (see photo above).
upper abdominal retroperitoneal haematomas above the pelvic brim were explored routinely, Non expanding pelvic haematomas in stabilized patients were not opened (171)--thirty one patients [5.
If it doesn't, you need to push the calf back a little as you rotate that leg and move the elbow up and around--and off the pelvic brim, says Hoffman.
Depending on when she does it, this can effectively help the baby's head into the pelvic brim, roll the baby's head down into the posterior space or precipitate the action of the face sweeping over the perineum as the pubic arch acts as a fulcrum for the baby's head (Banks, 1998).