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A crescentic, silver-staining, membranous organelle located anteriorly near the base of the flagella in certain flagellate protozoa, as in Trichomonas.
[L. a shield]
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Most recently, Pelta has served as the brand lead for DIFICID, where he led the commercial re-launch of the product.
De terris orior candenti corpore pelta Et niue fecunda, Vulcani torre rigescens, Carior et multo quam cetera scuta duelli; Nec tamen in medio clipei star ferreus umbo.
Pelta. Protein Structure Prediction with Evolutionary Algorithms.
Este genero se distingue por los estiletes maxilares muy apartados entre si, carece de puente maxilar, la forma de la pelta y la seta B1 que es 2/3 la longitud del tubo.
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Gleason's VP, general counsel and secretary, Edward Pelta, in conjunction with the statement made it plain that Perrotti, 44, as new president and COO is likely succeed Guffey, 66, as CEO.