pelargonic acid

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pel·ar·gon·ic ac·id

(pel'ar-gon'ik as'id),
Substance used in the manufacture of lacquers and plastics; produced in the oxidative cleavage of oleic acid.
Synonym(s): n-nonanoic acid
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Organic acid enhancement of pelargonic acid. Weed Technol.
Pelargonic acid, found in many plants, is currently available in a commercial herbicide but is not yet approved as an organic herbicide.
When used specifically as a herbicide, Coleman and Penner (2008) reported that a 1.5% (v/v) pelargonic acid formulation mixed with 1% L-lactic acid (v/v) was effective in the control of velvetleaf and lambsquarters.
opposed the clearance given by the Indian government for use of Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide (PAVA) shells for controlling the crowd in Kashmir.The Bar Association said that the PAVA shells, a chili-based ammunition, is more lethal than pellets.
"PAVA" or Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide, also called Nonivamide, is an organic compound found in natural chilli pepper.
Weed and herbicide resistant soybean (Glycine wax) response to glyfosinate and glyphosate plus ammonia sulfate and pelargonic acid. Weed Technol.