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Steve Tyler (Image Stevenage) was stationed just four pegs away but he had carp of a much bigger stamp, netting fish to 8lb in his 110lb 10oz runner-up score.
Mark Guerra, from Newport, caught 35 of them on pellets and maggots fished with a method feeder to win with 35lb and the angler he pushed into second place was his father, who was six pegs away and weighed in 21lb using the same tactics to catch bream and one hefty carp.
Scott Odam was next to the winner and runner-up with 69lb 14oz ,while just a couple of pegs away was Mark Cole in third place with 44lb 14oz.
Using the pole at nine metres he counted 250 to the bank to beat Tony Price (Harriers) who mounted a challenge from two pegs away.
Newport teenager Daniel Driscoll was runner-up with 41lb from the next peg while three pegs away Matt Morgan, from Blackwood, caught 39lb 8oz of bream and carp for third place.
Drawn 10 pegs away from the once-prolific pipe bridge, Gibb had just one bream to remind him of the way things used to be, adding four razor- blade roach to take the verdict by an ounce.
The winner's Cwmbran Angling Nobblers team-mate Chris Shepherd was two pegs away and caught 16lb 6oz on pole and pellets to take second place while Newport swimfeeder ace John Mack was third with 12lb 4oz.
Team-mate Rob Skellett, from Cwmbran, was two pegs away and second with 74lb 8oz and Phil Weaver, from Newport, third with 69lb 2oz.
Ashley Gleaves was four pegs away and second with 48lb and the winner's son Karl Guerra completed a Newport member's hat-trick with 36lb 12oz.
Two pegs away was Brian Tandy, from Bridgend, and he was runner-up with 34lb 5oz, while at the other end of the lake Dinas Powys member Dean Jay was third with 33lb.