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It also is the coffin from which Peg-leg [the devil] comes and goes.
Another trend is to pair peg-leg pants in an all-over print with a matching loose-fitting sleeveless crop top.
Just down the street is Peg-Leg Porker, a BBQ restaurant flying its true Southern colours.
Mickey Mouse and his friends are enjoying a wagon ride until Peg-Leg Pete ruins their day.
Inject a touch of sports luxe with the silk-mix print bomber jacket or the quilted bomber and the peg-leg trouser.
I went out dressed as pirate for a friend's fancy dress party the other night and took with me a crutch for my make-believe peg-leg.
knew Buttercup's foot needed to be removed, but thought he do better than a peg-leg.
The stairs were in my flat, so I felt partially responsible, and I did my Florence Nightingale duty by driving Peg-leg to casualty the next day.
Downing's left peg could take Young down a peg or two, even though the talented Teessider will be more of a peg-leg for the foreseeable future.
With aspirations to become the all important ship's cat, Scratch must contend with getting his 'sea legs', dealing with a cantankerous cook, Peg-leg and living up to the reputation of the previous feline incumbent, Fluffy.
I hobbled around on a cane and most everyone thought it was part of the show, peg-leg pirate stuff.
Peg-Leg and the Nurses appear in each painting; the Nurses often cluster around Peg-Leg, who is pilfered from an ad for an interracial motel in the Catskills.