peer-review organization

peer-re·view or·gan·i·za·tion

(PRO) (pēr-rĕ-vyū'ōr'găn-ī-zā'shŭn)
An organization that contracts with the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (which pays for health care to Medicare patients) to review the need for and quality of care given to Medicare patients, and to monitor the accuracy of assigned diagnosis-related groups submitted by the health care facility as the basis for reimbursement for services provided.
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In a paper published in the 1995 Annals of Internal Medicine, we described the first efforts in this regard by the peer-review organization community through the national demonstration project that was conducted in collaboration with the Connecticut peer-review organization (11).
DJB: I was most pleased with our continued success in working with partners from the peer-review organization community to provide leadership for the evolving Health Care Quality Improvement Program of HCFA.
The CTN is a national peer-review organization which provides support and infrastructure for HIV clinical trials in Canada.
The firm and its attorneys are annually ranked among the top professionals in the nation by recognized peer-review organizations.