peeping Tom

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peeping Tom

A person who gets pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, from secretly watching others; a voyeur.

Peeping Tom

See voyeur.


A person who achieves sexual gratification from watching others naked, undressing and/or performing sexual acts.

peeping Tom

A person who derives sexual pleasure and arousal from secretly watching others in a state of undress or engaged in sexual activity. A voyeur. The term derives from the legend of Tom the tailor of Coventry who was the only person to look at the naked Lady Godiva, and lived to regret it, being instantly struck blind. See also VOYEURISM.
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Time was when a Peeping Tom was a creature to be scorned or at least pitied.
Another one is needed to crack down on Peeping Toms.
PEEPING toms who use hidden cameras to spy on women are facing a tough Government crackdown.
When the star spotted four peeping toms aiming cameras into his shower he lashed out, flooring two men and smashing a camera.