peeping Tom

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peeping Tom

A person who gets pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, from secretly watching others; a voyeur.

Peeping Tom

See voyeur.


A person who achieves sexual gratification from watching others naked, undressing and/or performing sexual acts.

peeping Tom

A person who derives sexual pleasure and arousal from secretly watching others in a state of undress or engaged in sexual activity. A voyeur. The term derives from the legend of Tom the tailor of Coventry who was the only person to look at the naked Lady Godiva, and lived to regret it, being instantly struck blind. See also VOYEURISM.
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Chilling: The disturbing Peeping Tom has been re-released.
Peeping Tom and Lady Godiva on the clock in Broadgate
Passing sentence,Judge Eleri Rees said: ``This is a rather bizarre offence which harps back to the days of the old peeping Tom.
A spokesman for South Lanarkshire Council, who run the pool, said: "Our management team has taken action to catch the Peeping Toms.
COVENTRY'S popular ceilidhrock band Peeping Tom is to perform at 40 dances on a nationwide tour to celebrate 40 years of playing.
NORTHERN Ireland's youngest convicted peeping Tom was spared jail yesterday because of his age.
WORKERS at the heart of a CCTV peeping tom probe have been sacked for gross misconduct.
SCOTS housemate Cameron was accused of being a peeping Tom yesterday.
John Belushi's old Peeping Tom on the ladder routine and ``Porky's'' hole drilled through the girls' shower wall has been replaced by ``American Pie's'' Internet cam approach to international relations.
The revamp was part of a competition - inspired by the former hit BBC show hosted by Alan Titchmarsh - put on by nearby pub The Peeping Tom.
A PEEPING Tom banned from going out at night without a fluorescent jacket had the order lifted yesterday.
FOUR workers have been arrested in a council CCTV peeping Tom probe.