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ON THE OFFENCE Despite being renowned for their jibes, both maintain they've never had to censor the jokes in Peep Show - as Mitchell says: "It's not the subject matter, it's the comic take that's important.
All potters, professors and students who will be attending NCECA are eligible to enter the Peep Show.
Billed as An Evening With Barenaked Ladies, Peep Show will feature the band performing and discussing tracks from Everything To Everyone, along with a spontaneous range of other topics.
Kelly, a former FBI agent who investigated porn and now serves as a consultant on obscenity for various law enforcement and advocacy groups, "The biggest single income of any of it is the 25-cent coin or the token dropped in the peep show machine in the back of the dirty book stores.
IT was less a case of "Ambassador, wiz zees Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling us" and more "Wiz zees Ambassors you are really spoiling Peep Show for us".
Joe Riley: thumbs OF LIVERPOOL JANUARY ISSUE 2012 MAYUR REVIEWMAYUR REVIEW May your tastebuds rejoice STEPHANIE DAVIS Hollyoaks star is Over The Rainbow 'NEW YEAR, NEW YOU 'Tis the season for reinvention up to Merseyrail's WAISTLINEWONDERS FREE 28-page Healthy recipes and nutritional know-how Rise of the Phoenix Neil Fitzmaurice on life after Peter Kay, new Peep Show series and Laughterhouse comedy gig the Phoenix lifestyle magazine booze ban FRUGAL FAMILY FUN/COSY CHIC HOMES/FASHION/WHAT'S ON/ BEAUTY REVIEW/FOOD &DRINK/TRAVEL INSPIRATION/RECIPES WINTickets to Spamalot
On April 15, Isy Suttie, star of Peep Show and Whites, joins Dan Antopolski for a double-headline gig.
TO celebrate the DVD release of Peep Show series seven, out on Monday, we have a great prize for one lucky Daily Record reader.
IT'S one of the funniest, darkest and most acclaimed sitcoms on TV, but does Peep Show also have a touch of soap opera about it?
Isy Suttie picks all the most glamorous locations for her comedy; the IT department at JLB Credit in Peep Show, a restaurant kitchen in new BBC sitcom Whites - and a supermarket in Matlock for her debut solo show, Love Lost In The British Retail Industry.