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A stripping off or loss of epidermis, as follows burns or therapeutic exfoliations.
[M.E. pelen]


the loss of all or part of the epidermis, as may occur after a sunburn or exposure to a chemical.


(pe-leng) [ME. pelen, to peel]
Shedding of the surface of the skin. See: desquamation

chemical peeling

Agents applied to skin to produce a mild, superficial burn; done to remove wrinkles.

Patient discussion about peeling

Q. Does people eating peeled bananas can become vulnerable to fight, like barbarians. last month my dad was bitten by monkeys and as he explained the situation that these monkeys ran to eat the bananas he was having, which actually he brought to feed those monkeys. He saw that all of them ate the peeled out bananas and the couple of them ate the skin of banana, so my dad started giving them the skin of banana and the peeled bananas to the rest all, he don’t know, what rage happened among the monkeys soon that they started jumping on my dad and one of them bit him and the nearby guards helped my dad to rescue…..after the incident I was wondering does it make any difference between those monkeys for the love of peeled bananas – as my dad remembers that those 2 monkeys started the incidence…. Seems joking but yes…. I too want to know does the similar thing in human can make any difference….I mean does people eating peeled bananas can become vulnerable to fight, like barbarians….any chemical, nutritional, difference evident...Anyone….plz

A. But you asked a good question about the link of any chemical difference...yes … there are differences …..And is found with extra vitamins and other nutrients. According to a research done in India it is being shown that banana skin is good for heart ailments and the banana is found to make teeth whiter when daily rubbed. So I guess that this actually causes therapeutic effect in monkeys which the researchers have proved. The skin of all the fruits is proved to have vitamins and other nutritional contents in them.

Q. Ebola is serious I heard that Ebola is serious disease crapping out the inner lining of our intestines, the lining of our tongue peeling off, blood comming out of every hole in our body, including our nips. not too much fun. Could anyone tell me about the treatment for this. So this can educate me and other who read this.

A. Ebola is classified as a biosafety level 4 agent (EXTREME HAZARD-full precautions required, NO KNOWN vaccine/cure), as well as a Category A bioterrorism agent by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. and that's because it's highly violent and with no cure or vaccine.

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We could use the peelings we have, that today go to animal feed and other recycling uses.
YES, WE STILL WANT: Leaves & cuttings Cardboard Twigs and small branches Hedge clippings Plants, leaves and flowers Sawdust and wood shavings, NO, YOU CAN KEEP 'EM: Fruit, salad, vegetable peelings Tea bags, coffee filters
I use a green bin and if I didn't put peelings in there, it'd be empty every week.
Brother Juggler knew that his hands were not the best for peeling vegetables, for he always wanted to slice the next turnip in a different style from the one before.
Uncooked peelings from vegetables such as parsnips, potatoes, carrots and Brussels sprouts are a great source of nitrogenrich 'green' material while carbon-rich items, such as paper chains, the insides of crackers, cardboard packaging and paper hats help make up the 'brown' items.
Uncooked peelings from vegetables like parsnips, potatoes, carrots and Brussel sprouts are a good source of nitrogen-rich "green" material and carbon-rich items like paper chains, the insides of crackers and cardboard packaging help make-up the "brown" items
FOLK are being urged to go green this Christmas by home composting everything from paper hats and party poppers to vegetable peelings and pine needles.
Uncooked peelings from parsnips, potatoes, carrots and Brussels sprouts, paper chains, the insides of crackers and cardboard packaging, make a perfect mix.
Used teabags, potato peelings and other scraps which are brought in by workers from home are then taken away and turned into compost for use on his allotment.
People are urged to use their potato peelings and carrot tops to make their gardens flourish.
With your new eating regime will come a bulging bin full of vegetable peelings and apple cores.
com)-- The International Peeling Society (IPS), an organization dedicated to the field of chemical peels, recently announced the agenda for its 2018 Peeling Around the World educational session on AAD Global Education Day.