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noun A volume of urine.

verb To urinate.


Vox populi Micturate, urinate

Patient discussion about pee

Q. I pee when I laugh, what to do? Whenever I laugh really hard, I can't help peeing. Help! What to do? This is embarrassing.

A. It May Be A Muscular Trigger That Effects Your Bladder

Q. Hi, I´m bleeding when I pee,suggestions? I´m 42 years old,and I had a lot of pain days ago just like before when I had a kidney stone and now I´m bleeding when I pee but I don´t know if could be a different problem

A. Thanks everybody, I´m taking care of the problem, all of you are very nice, God bless you.

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Parents have long used the story of a chemical that changes color in the presence of pee to keep their children from peeing in the pool.
He's always recognizably "Friedlander," but that Friedlander is such a snarl of so many different things--laundry, peeing dog, potted plants, trees, and pebbles--that it is as endlessly demanding as it is rewarding.
Some of their small social transgressions, from peeing in public places, to harassing women and bank-goers, to drinking, make many urban dwellers, including some who live in the neighborhood, just wish they would go away.
Pee-Pee Harley is a slightly socially unacceptable dog with the inconvenient and embarrassing habit of peeing on everything and everyone.
Twilight" actor Bronson Pelletier's denials of urinating in the middle of Los Angeles International Airport last month have been proven false after video surfaced of the star peeing at LAX.