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noun A volume of urine.

verb To urinate.


Vox populi Micturate, urinate

Patient discussion about pee

Q. I pee when I laugh, what to do? Whenever I laugh really hard, I can't help peeing. Help! What to do? This is embarrassing.

A. It May Be A Muscular Trigger That Effects Your Bladder

Q. Hi, I´m bleeding when I pee,suggestions? I´m 42 years old,and I had a lot of pain days ago just like before when I had a kidney stone and now I´m bleeding when I pee but I don´t know if could be a different problem

A. Thanks everybody, I´m taking care of the problem, all of you are very nice, God bless you.

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Pee cue 2 - The ship is sinking and an officer says: "For the time being, I will require only women and children.
The Junior Pee Wee and Pee Wee cheerleaders go to various competitions throughout the season and compete against other squads.
During the shoot, director Lee Daniels asked Nicole to pee for real.
We are very proud of the way that our players have given everything they have and have bonded as true teams, where they support each other on and off the field," League President and Junior Pee Wee head coach Lance Gelb said.
For others, though, his admission raises the serious question: "Just how many people do pee in the pool?
She advised me to pee in the bathtub of my sponsor's washroom and urinate in the tea before serving it to them.
Even more shocking is the colour-coded graph, with red, amber and green boxes carrying the captions "Well Hydrated: Good Volume - Long Pee" and "Dehydrated: Small Volume - Short Pee.
I heard it's a sign of diabetes if you pee too much.
Tenders are invited for The subject of the contract is the execution of construction - works building fire alarm / Pee / Explosion-proof type in the number ten explosive warehouse ( 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14) an Pee conventional seven warehouses and a laboratory with a normal fire hazard, located in BP 1700 "Kaloyanovets" of v.
Washington, Nov 12 (ANI): Michael Jackson used to pee in his bed, according to his personal doctor Dr.