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noun A volume of urine.

verb To urinate.


Vox populi Micturate, urinate

Patient discussion about pee

Q. I pee when I laugh, what to do? Whenever I laugh really hard, I can't help peeing. Help! What to do? This is embarrassing.

A. It May Be A Muscular Trigger That Effects Your Bladder

Q. Hi, I´m bleeding when I pee,suggestions? I´m 42 years old,and I had a lot of pain days ago just like before when I had a kidney stone and now I´m bleeding when I pee but I don´t know if could be a different problem

A. Thanks everybody, I´m taking care of the problem, all of you are very nice, God bless you.

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The teams are the Mitey Mite (ages 7 and 8), Junior Pee Wee (9 to 11) and Pee Wee (10 to 12).
While Pee Wee's gesture didn't end the conflict, it ended the nonsense for the day and marked another small step forward in the history of mankind.
The puppy can sleep and play on the loft and jump down to go potty on the pee pad, which reinforces good patterns that your puppy will remember and repeat.
During the shoot, director Lee Daniels asked Nicole to pee for real.
What if your pee turns out to be something a little more substantial, will Ryanair have the right to wipe the floor with you and charge you a fiver?
Pee time - 46 minute mark Pee cue - After the sorting hat scene, Dumbledore says: "Let the feast begin.
Dee Pee Tee Cee remains on 12-1, even though the Mick Easterby-trained gelding meets Architect on the same terms as he did when defeating that rival by half a length at the Ebor meeting.
A North Carolina physician hopes that his invention, Pee Pants, a device that was originally invented to give professionals like flight nurses a way to relieve themselves on the job, will help female mushers relieve themselves without slowing down to peel off layers of clothes in freezing temperature, the New York Daily News reported.
The Mighty Mites are comprised of players who are 7- and 8-years old, while the Junior Pee Wees are ages 9, 10 and 11.
LANCASTER -- A motorist killed when an SUV struck her compact car head-on on Avenue M on Wednesday has been identified as 22-year-old Chantel Pee of Lancaster.
The pee ran down my arms, and I couldn't gain control to flip myself over to stop it.