pedunculated polyp

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pe·dun·cu·lat·ed pol·yp

any form of polyp that is attached to the base tissue by means of a slender stalk.
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They may present as sessile or pedunculated polyps, nodules, excrescences, or subtle abnormalities of the mucosa and can be located either in the duodenal bulb, ampullary/periampullary region, or distal duodenum.
When pedunculated polyps are measured, the diameter of the head should be measured.
In this study, the patient with the adenocarcinomatous pedunculated polyp was positive for MUC5AC with Western blotting (not shown).
Indirect mirror laryngoscopy together with rigid and fiberoptic laryngoscopy showed a huge, yellow, pedunculated polyp that obscured the vocal folds.
This is contrary to study conducted by Jose Tony, [9] in which high-grade dysplasia was seen in 47% of sessile polyps and 6% of pedunculated polyps. Sessile polyp has increased chance of high-grade dysplasia and malignancy, because the pathway of invasion of neoplastic cells from the surface of polyp into the submucosal layer is short.
Researchers compared 184 consecutive patients with sessile colorectal polyps 2 cm or larger with another 184 consecutive controls with smaller sessile or pedunculated polyps. Longer colonoscopy time (mean 5l minutes vs.
(25) Sessile and flat polyps appear as flame shaped or pea shaped with virtual dissection, and pedunculated polyps appear as varied distorted shapes.
All pedunculated polyps were excised through the fibreoptic video endoscope.
3) from the 17-year-old showed approximately 70 sessile and pedunculated polyps ranging in size from 3 to 25 mm in diameter.
Pedunculated polyps permit radical removal while excision of sessile polyps with broad base of attachment to the underlying tissue is sometimes followed by recurrence due to spillage of endospores onto the adjacent raw mucosa.
(11,12) These lesions are often sessile and wide-based but also pedunculated polyps have been observed.
It generally presents as swollen, pink or red sessile or pedunculated polyps in one or both nostrils and conjunctiva.