pedunculated lesion

pedunculated lesion (pedung´kū-lāted),

n a raised lesion connected by a narrow stem.
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4-cm pedunculated lesion of the right base of the tongue and epiglottis, with pronounced enhancement with contrast and hyperintensity on fat-suppression images (figure 1).
Oncocytic cysts are often solitary, and their architecture is varied; they maypresent as a polypoid, sessile, or pedunculated lesion or as a submucosal swelling.
Characteristically, pedunculated lesions point away from the joint of origin because of the mechanical forces of adjacent tendon and muscles.
Warts may appear as crops of small, inflamed, flat, horny or pedunculated lesions that may sting, ulcerate, bleed easily or exude moisture.
20,21) The use of MRI is optimal for pre-embolization assessment for delineating the location of leiomyoma and for accurately assessing pedunculated lesions.
Pedunculated lesions show positional variation with changes in position and respiration.