pedunculated lesion

pedunculated lesion (pedung´kū-lāted),

n a raised lesion connected by a narrow stem.
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Lymphangiomatous polyps generally present as a pale or pink pedunculated lesion attached to the palatine tonsil.
Endoscopy revealed a polypoid pedunculated lesion (9 cm) at D1-D2 junction with stalk attached to ampulla [Figure 1].
However, brief episodes of paroxysmal headache are a common finding due to intermittent obstruction of CSF flow by the pedunculated lesion suspended from the roof of the ventricle.
4-cm pedunculated lesion of the right base of the tongue and epiglottis, with pronounced enhancement with contrast and hyperintensity on fat-suppression images (figure 1).
Physical examination revealed a healthy 3-year-old child with a 1 cm round pedunculated lesion emanating from the columella (Figure 1).
On intra oral examination there was a pale pink, solitary, exophytic, pedunculated lesion with interdental papilla on the palatal aspect of maxillary central incisors (fig 1).
Lipofibromatous nevus occurred in one 7 year-old female Husky Siberian dog, which displayed an irregular-surfaced, pedunculated lesion with 3 cm in diameter and hyperpigmentation areas, located on the perivulvar region and that evolved in 2 months.
Anterior rhinoscopy revealed granular white studded reddish pedunculated lesion which was friable and bled on touch.
Oncocytic cysts are often solitary, and their architecture is varied; they maypresent as a polypoid, sessile, or pedunculated lesion or as a submucosal swelling.
The instrument improvement can lend to excellent results when used in small and pedunculated lesions like nodules.
Characteristically, pedunculated lesions point away from the joint of origin because of the mechanical forces of adjacent tendon and muscles.
Warts may appear as crops of small, inflamed, flat, horny or pedunculated lesions that may sting, ulcerate, bleed easily or exude moisture.