(pē'dē-at'rē, pē-dī'ă-trē),
A rarely used term for pediatrics.
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I had noticed the Steroid Injection course beings offered on numerous occasions in our journal, Pediatry Review, but did nothing about taking part.
Scholars underscore that since the late 18th century the state and institutions sponsored by it, together with experts on both pedagogy and pediatry as well as middle-class parents, have created structures for a childhood that was (and remains) characterized by discipline and containment.
The dress and attitude preferences of the patients in the present study were similar to the preferences of patients in the medical branches, except psychiatry and pediatry (7,8,9,10).
Although it is emphasized that these issues should be addressed with care as well as organic causes during social pediatry training in our univeristy, it is possible that physicians cared about social issues with a lower rate during intensive patient load, since there is a general tendency to focus on organic diseases in medical education and to care about social issues with a lower rate.
1] Department of Biology and [2] Maternity and Pediatry Ward, Begin Military Teaching Hospital, Saint Mande, France.
Dermatomycosis in lower limbs of diabetic patients followed by pediatry.
Appropriate laboratory tests including complete blood cell count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), C-reactive protein (CRP), rheumatoid factor (RF), antistreptolysine O (ASO), human leukocyte antigen (HLA) subtypes, autoimmune antibodies, viral serology (herpes simplex and hepatitis B viruses), bacteriological serology (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), parasitic serology (toxoplasma, toxocara, and syphilis serology), radiological analysis (chest X-ray; chest CT) and consultations with specialists of rheumatology, pediatry, neurology, ear-nosethroat, gynecology, urology, thorax disease, and dentist were done in all patients who matched these analyses clinically.
Additionally, at some departments like emergency departments, pediatry departments, noise levels suddenly change from time to time according to patients.
Omer Vefik Ozozan, said that they provided excellent treatment in the departments of gynecology, pediatry and general surgery.
These programs have been carried out together with the Pediatry services (47,48).