pediatric dentistry

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1. that branch of the healing arts concerned with the teeth and associated structures of the oral cavity, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and restoration of defective or missing teeth.
2. the work done by dentists, e.g., the creation of restoration, crowns, and bridges, and surgical procedures performed in and about the oral cavity.
3. the practice of the dental profession collectively.
operative dentistry dentistry concerned with restoration of parts of the teeth that are defective as a result of disease, trauma, or abnormal development to a state of normal function, health, and esthetics.
pediatric dentistry the branch of dentistry that deals with teeth and mouth conditions of children.
preventive dentistry dentistry concerned with maintenance of a normal masticating mechanism by fortifying the structures of the oral cavity against damage and disease.
prosthetic dentistry prosthodontics.
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The branch of dentistry concerned with the dental care and treatment of children.
[G. pais, child, + odous, tooth]
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pe·di·at·ric den·tis·try

(pē'dē-at'rik den'tis-trē)
The branch of dentistry concerned with the dental care and treatment of children.
Synonym(s): pedodontia, pedodontics, paediatric dentistry.
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pe·di·at·ric den·tis·try

(pē'dē-at'rik den'tis-trē)
Branch of practice concerned with diagnosis, management, and treatment of dental and orofacial conditions in children.
Synonym(s): pedodontia, pedodontics, paediatric dentistry.
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Q. How can I prevent baby caries? Hi, I’m pregnant on my 34 week and my older son had baby caries, I would like to prevent that this time.

A. You can buy or sometimes get from your dentist a special toothpaste for infants to rub on thier teeth and gums.

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South Georgia Pediatric Dentistry is the best office to work in America.
Several studies have shown that Tell Show Do (non- pharmacological technical) is the most commonly used technique in pediatric dentistry. It consists of explaining and demonstrating the technique and the instruments used during treatment.
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Types of Laser used in Pediatric Dentistry: Different lasers are used in pediatric dentistry.

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