pedal system

ped·al sys·tem

efferent fibers connecting the forebrain with more caudal structures.
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A pedal system frees up your hands to fish continuously without stopping to paddle to position the boat.
(2015) Validity and Reliability of the Look Keo Power Pedal System for Measuring Power Output During Incremental and Repeated Sprint Cycling.
In many buses, the operator pedal system is cast via the permanent mold process, using nickel-aluminum bronze.
The cylinder is then connected to a bike chain and pedal system. Hot water and detergent is placed inside the machine and then left to soak for 10 minutes.
The CGP-700 also can employ the optional SP-33 pedal system, which provides soft, sostenuto, and damper pedals.
The model features a Virtual pedal system that opens the boot, full Apple & Android smartphone integration via CarPlay, MirrorLink and Google Android Auto, Blind spot detection, rear traffic alert and the third-generation Park assist and Traffic jam assist.
The pedal contained dual piezoelectric elements to measure forces normal and orthogonal to the pedal surface [31] adapted with a commercial "clipless" pedal system (Figure 1) [32].
They have mounts for every variety of wheel and foot pedal system out there; however, these need to be purchased separately.
Application-matched lubricant choices are available for pedal system pivots and bearings, hydraulic components, such as air compressors and master cylinders, brake booster and actuator diaphragms, seals and pistons, disc brake components, from needle bearings to caliper assembly parts and mechanical or electrical parking brakes and brake-by-wire actuators.
The fundamental item of gear for our quest was Moksha, at the time the world's only oceangoing pedal boat: big enough to carry provisions to sustain two people for six months at sea, yet sufficiently light and streamlined to be pedalled by a single pair of legs connected to a pedal system and propeller.
The company says that internal research shows that use of the ECO Pedal system could reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent.
With adjustable pedals, drivers can tailor their position precisely and easily." The adjustable pedal system uses a motor to move the pedals, and the control switch is located on the side of the seat.