pectoral muscles

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pectoral muscles

The group of muscles, consisting of the pectoralis major and minor on either side, covering the upper ribs on either side of the front of the chest. The pectoral muscles help to control the shoulder-blade (scapula) and, through it, to move the arm forward and down, and, acting directly on the arm, to pull it towards the body.


1. of or pertaining to the chest.
2. relieving disorders of the respiratory tract, as an expectorant.

pectoral girdle
in birds is the three pairs of bones that support the wings: the furculae (fused clavicles), coracoids and scapulae. In mammals the coracoids and clavicles are often reduced, making the girdle incomplete.
pectoral limb
the forelimb.
pectoral muscles
extrinsic muscles of the forelimb arising from the brisket (ventral chest). See also Table 13. Outbreaks of defective development of these muscles are recorded in cattle.
pectoral myopathy
a meat hygiene term for the lesions found in turkey and meat chicken breasts causing rejection of the meat. Called also green muscle disease.
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In flightless birds (Glenny, 1942a), the thoracic arteries supplying the pectoral muscles have a finer structure.
Heart liver spleen lung kidney small intestine fat and skeletal muscles (longissimusdorsi muscles pectoral muscles and crural muscles) tissues were surgically collected from three different goats and immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen.
1], which gave a positive result, providing the presence of contracture of the pectoral muscles in nearly 70 % of climbers.
Pectoral muscle biopsy samples taken before experimental infections were free of parasites.
The pectoral muscles develop from the pectoral premuscle mass (Lewis, 1910).
It has the classic Olympic swimmer shape--broad shoulders, long front limbs with giant paddles, and huge pectoral muscles.
I've been doing this exercise for years and it definitely works on those pectoral muscles above the bust.
These differences are less marked for the muscles of the legs, where there is about a threefold difference between the starling and quail, and, especially, for the pectoral muscles, where the difference is less than twofold.
Histological changes in the pectoral muscles of broilers fed diets supplemented with various pigments were also examined.
The pectoral muscles will come into play on an overhand serve.
This paper presents a case of rhabdomyosarcoma in a free-ranging yellow-headed caracara (Milvago chimachima), originating from the muscle region of proximal left humerus, with metastases in the left pectoral muscles, heart, lungs, and proventriculus.
Firming up the pectoral muscles can make your boobs more pert.