pectoral girdle

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an encircling or confining structure.
pectoral girdle shoulder girdle.
pelvic girdle the encircling bony structure supporting the lower limbs.
shoulder girdle (thoracic girdle) the encircling bony structure supporting the upper limbs.

pec·to·ral gir·dle

the incomplete bony ring, formed by the clavicles and the scapulae, which supports the upper limb, attaching its appendicular skeleton to the axial skeleton (manubrium sterni).

pectoral girdle

A bony or cartilaginous structure in vertebrates, attached to and supporting the forelimbs or anterior fins. Also called pectoral arch.

pectoral girdle

 The part of the skeleton that supports the upper extremities

shoul·der gir·dle

(shōl'dĕr gĭr'dĕl)
The bony ring, incomplete behind, which serves for the attachment and support of the upper limbs. It is formed by the manubrium sterni, the clavicles, and the scapulae.
Synonym(s): pectoral girdle, shoulder complex (3) .
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Fig. 247 Pectoral girdle . (a) Anterior view of pectoral girdle in humans (simplified). (b) Superior view of pectoral girdle in humans (simplified).

pectoral girdle


shoulder girdle

the skeletal support for the anterior limbs of vertebrates that transmits the power from the limbs to the body and also serves to protect and support the organs in the thorax. Normally it is a U-shaped structure and is attached to the vertebrae by muscles.


1. of or pertaining to the chest.
2. relieving disorders of the respiratory tract, as an expectorant.

pectoral girdle
in birds is the three pairs of bones that support the wings: the furculae (fused clavicles), coracoids and scapulae. In mammals the coracoids and clavicles are often reduced, making the girdle incomplete.
pectoral limb
the forelimb.
pectoral muscles
extrinsic muscles of the forelimb arising from the brisket (ventral chest). See also Table 13. Outbreaks of defective development of these muscles are recorded in cattle.
pectoral myopathy
a meat hygiene term for the lesions found in turkey and meat chicken breasts causing rejection of the meat. Called also green muscle disease.
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