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A plural of pecten.


(pek'ten) plural.pectines [L., comb]
1. A comblike organ.
2. Pubic bone.
3. The middle portion of the anal canal.

pecten pubis

Pectineal line (1).
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The structural and functional organization of the pectine in a scorpion Buthus eupeus Koch (Scorpiones, Buthidae) studied by electron microscopy.
We positioned a modified cover glass (5 x 18 mm) with walls of wax approximately 1 mm high caudal to where the pectines join the body (Fig.
5A, C, E; Tables 1-3); development of the pectines (Figs.
Ontogenetic variation: As in other species of Rhopalurus, male closely resembles female until the final instar; however, juveniles and subadults may be sexed by examination of the pectines and genital aperture.
The adaptive significance of other traits, such as longer pectines, reduced carination, more enlarged metasoma II, and degenerated tibial spurs is unclear.
susanae on the basis of morphometric diagnostic characters: pectine teeth 33/32, pedipalp femur L/W 3.
Color: General color reddish hazel, with granules and pedipalp fingers darker; legs and ventral side (coxae, sternal region, pectines, sternites I-III) lighter, sternites IV and V gradually darkening to the general coloration; chelicerae yellowish, with reticulate pigment dorsally on the cheliceral hand behind the fingers.
myriamae the pectines have 15-16 teeth, the chelicerae are densely reticulated (Botero-Trujillo 2007: fig.
12); the dorsal surface of chelicerae exhibits a complete and very reticulated pattern; pectines have 13:13 teeth; sternite VII lacks any vestige of paramedian carinae (Fig.
The male characteristics of the specimen are as follows: both hemispermatophores present, pectines with larger and with more pectinal teeth, and genital operculum formed by two triangular isosceles plates (these are equilateral in females).
Sternites, metasomal segments, telson, pedipalps, and pectines unpigmented.
Pectines with 36-41 pectinal teeth in males (n = 4, median = 39) and 28-29 in the only studied female.