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A plural of pecten.


(pek'ten) plural.pectines [L., comb]
1. A comblike organ.
2. Pubic bone.
3. The middle portion of the anal canal.

pecten pubis

Pectineal line (1).
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Electrophysiological evidence of synaptic interactions within chemosensory sensilla of scorpion pectines.
Response properties of chemosensory peg sensilla on the pectines of scorpions.
Both the presence or absence of fulcra on the pectines, and the pectinal tooth counts on females, are diagnostic characters that separate the two species of Plesiochactas.
The primary sensory elements on pectines are hundreds of minute structures called peg sensilla, which adorn the ground-facing surface of each pectinal tooth (Carthy 1966, 1968; Ivanov & Balashov 1979; Foelix & Muller-Vorholt 1983).
The two genera are separated primarily according to the presence, in Rhopalurus, of the stridulation organ on opposing surfaces of sternite III and pectines, which is absent in Centruroides (Lourenco 1979; Sissom 1990).
Adults: sexual dimorphism: males differ from females in having longer, pectines (pectine L/ carapace L, males 1.
3, 4); pectines with 7-10 teeth (female, male unknown); pectinal basal plate subrectangular (Fig.
jaumei group), Microtityus (Microtityus) (in part)], with both femur and chela neobothriotaxic [Microtityus (Microtityus) (in part)], or with only chela neobothriotaxic [Microtityus (Microtityus) (in part, only Microtityus litoralensis Gonzalez-Sponga 2001)]; dentate margin of pedipalp movable fingers composed of 9-12 oblique rows of granules, without accessory granules; tergites with three or five longitudinal carinae; pectines with well developed fulcra; sternum sub-pentagonal; booklung spiracles ovoid; subaculear tubercle strong and rhomboidal.
Coxosternal region, genital operculum, pectinal basal piece, pectines and sternites III-VI completely yellow; sternite VII with inconspicuous brown spots between the midline and the lateral margins; sternite V with a subtriangular posterior median hyaline area.
Coxa, genital operculum and pectines faintly reticulate.
The specimen described here presents more feminine external characters, like the pectines and telson, than those described by Maury (1983).
Pectines with 33-36 pectinal teeth in males (n = 15; median = 35) and 28-32 in females (n = 10; median = 30).