pectin lyase

pec·tin ly·ase

an enzyme that catalyzes the elimination of 6-methyl-Δ-4,5-d-galacturonate residues from pectin; thus, it brings about depolymerization; it does not act on deesterified pectin; used in the treatment of certain foodstuffs.
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Lyases that act on polygalacturonic acid known as pectate lyase, while those act on pectin called pectin lyase, which are widely distributed in various families of microorganisms [16] and are produced by bacteria especially Bacillus sp.
from soil samples of Damascus, and then focus on optimizing the production and enzymatic characterization of extracellular pectin lyase by Bacillus subtilis strain RSY7.
Secondary screening of pectin lyase producing Bacillus:
The pectin lyase activity was determined in the supernatants by performing the pectin lyase assay.
The activity of pectin lyase was spectrophotometrically evaluated on citrus pectin as substrate, by monitoring the increase in optical density at [lambda] = 232 nm due to liberation of 4,5 unsaturated galacturonide product from citrus pectin [40].
0) and temperature (30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55[degrees]C) were optimized for maximal pectin lyase production by culturing the bacteria in 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks containing 50 ml of sterile production medium, and incubated in rotary shaker (150 rpm).
The pH and temperature dependant activity of crude pectin lyase was determined by carrying out the standard assay as described above.
Pectin lyase has biotechnological potential in fruit juice industries due to the fact that it degrades pectin without disturbing the ester group which is responsible for specific aroma of the juice and also it does not lead to methanol formation which is toxic [6].
These 7 isolates (RSY1, RSY5, RSY7, RSY10, RSY11, RSY13 and RSY15) were subjected to secondary screening for pectin lyase (PL) production using submerged fermentation.
In submerged fermentation, the production of pectin lyase was reached maximum activity of 1.
Pectin lyase production by a Penicillium italicum strain.
Purification and characterization of pectin lyase from Rhizoctonia solani.