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Relating to any of the substances or materials referred to as pectin.
[G. pēktos, stiff, curdled]
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Structure and function of pectic enzymes: virulence factors of plant pathogens, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 97: 8762-8769.
The delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) reaction on footpad swelling was significantly increased in mice treated with the pectic polysaccharide bergenan BC (2 mg/ml, 3 weeks).
Moreover, health benefit pectic oligosaccharides, the so-called modified hairy regions, were obtained after enzymatic treatment of the residue recovered after pectin extraction.
The yield of pectic substances had a variation coefficient around 10%, which indicated potential varieties of interest to be used for pectin extraction [coded (1), (3) and (5)].
A new species of Isoetes (Isoetaceae) from Turkey, with a study of microphyll intercellular pectic protuberances and their potential taxonomic value.
Another DelSite paper entitled "Immuno-enhancing Effect of a Novel In-situ Gelling Pectic Polysaccharide" has been accepted at the Fourth International Conference on Vaccines in Washington, DC, scheduled for November 16-17, 2006.
Designed as both a professional reference and a student text, the collection of 31 articles includes principles such as analytical techniques, recent advances in research, and browning reactions; articles on water, enzymology, biotechnology and protein cross-linking include research on enzyme activities, chymosin in cheesemaking, starch synthesis in the potato tube and pectic enzymes in tomatoes.
Step 5: The recipe may also call for the addition of yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme and/or grape tannin.
The results of this work indicate that the pectic enzymes of C.
The second fraction was a pectic polysaccharide composed of 2,4-linked and 2-linked L-rhamnose, 6-linked D-galactose, a terminal non-reducing D-glucuronic acid and 4-linked D-galacturonic acid [52].
Dried citrus pulp contains considerable amount of sugars (12% to 40%) and neutral detergent-soluble fiber carbohydrates (22% to 44% of DM) such as pectic substances (Sunvold et al.